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Cannabis Industry Stocks

Cannabis Industry Stocks - Legalization

With the passing of legalization of Cannabis use in Colorado and Washington and the decriminalization spreading throughout the United States, the investment into companies that cultivate and distribute Cannabis as a consumer crop are quickly gaining the attention of investors and stock analysts across the globe.

Cited as the "green rush" by many analysts and investors, Cannabis has flushed the states of Colorado and Washington with tourists seeking to purchase Cannabis from a legitimate distributors. After nearly a month of sales, (since January 1, 2014) analysts are projecting an approximate figure of $2 billion in sales by the end of the year (2014) and more then $10 billion by the year 2019. This also comes with the expectation of adding a possible 10,000 jobs in the state of Colorado with dispensaries and growers of Cannabis alike.

It is clear that this once-taboo product, now made available to certain pockets of the American public, has caught the attention of consumers across the board, and when there is interest there is growth. Investors seeking to find companies worth supporting in the new year should consider the Cannabis industry stocks as one worthy of consideration. Below, you'll find comparisons between several companies and what analysts have to say about where these Cannabis industry stocks are headed in the coming years.


Based out of Hollywood, California with campuses on three continents, this tech-based company designs and distributes automated dispensaries throughout the state for patients with a prescription for medicinal marijuana. The claim of fame for this firm is their use of biometric signatures that allows them to identify the patient, reducing the risk of illegal sales and further solidifying the legitimacy of the market. They also assist in the reduction of overhead costs such as maintenance and product control. The security of Medbox has caught the attention of all kinds of medical facilities that are lining up to have one of the units installed at their place of practice. Earning $5.046 million in revenue in 2013, this growing company has increased profitability by 21% in the 3rd financial quarter of the previous year.

Medical Marijuana Inc:

This company is perhaps the most enthusiastic about Cannabis as a product than any other company currently trading on the market today. Using cannabis and Hemp as the base for their products, Medical Marijuana Inc. have taken these crops to create consumable foodstuffs, hygiene, medical, homeopathic products, marijuana ingestibles and even recreational-use purchases. While the company is still small, they have had a 13% in growth over the last year. Cannabis industry stocks promote healthy growth and are still affordable for even the average investor. The reason why this will appeal to investors across the board is due to a cultural shift in the west that seems to be embracing Cannabis as a harmless and beneficial substance and that is reflected in current legislation. Investing in a company like this before a major political shift legalizes the substance across the board can generate massive profits for investments in Cannabis industry stocks.

Growlife Inc.:

Perhaps the biggest and most attention-drawing company involved in the cultivation of Cannabis is Growlife. In Q1 2013, they reported a 725% increase in technologies sold to growers and users of Cannabis in states permitting its use. The company began as a tech company focused on horticulture, covering vegetation of all kinds. With the recent change in attitudes towards Cannabis as a consumable and medicinal product, this company has realized the value in support of these newly adapted laws. With increase in profits following the trends of Cannabis accepted through legislation and decriminalization, this company is a dream for investors looking to invest while the company is still considered relatively small. It won't remain this way for long though, as the Cannabis industry stocks value continues to grow.

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